Month: September 2015

Comforting Stew and Jillian Michaels

A rainy day 2 is a real bummer for trying to get motivated to do…anything. The only good thing rain is for is staying inside and making a warm tasty stew! So what was on the docket? Spanish lentil stew. I’ll admit, this isn’t a first “tri” for me. It is actually one of Steven’s go to recipes that I always look forward to because 1. it is tasty! and 2. I don’t have to make it. In conclusion…you can thank Steven for this tasty recipe! It is super easy and will give you leftovers for days. Ingredients: 1 small onion 1 medium potato Chorizo (3-4 links) 1.5 cups of green lentils 3-4 cups of water (depending on how much veg you use) Salt/Pepper to tast Optional: Carrots (2) Celery (2) First, get your lentils soaking in water. They say an hour is ideal, but I did 20 minutes because I’m impatient and it worked out fine. Next, you’ll want to prep your veg. The original recipe only called for onions and potatoes, but Steven always throws in some …



My mornings can be absolutely insane…I wake up…take a shower…. Ok let’s be serious, my mornings are not insane but I do like to sleep in as long as humanly possible. This makes getting a good breakfast in near to impossible (and I’m sure you people with real responsibilities…like puppies…or children can appreciate a time saving recipe!) This is super easy and will give me a quick breakfast all week long. I customized mine to not have cheese (I’m on a cleanse where dairy is frowned upon… I know, ya gouda brie kidding me) but made a few for Steven with the cheesy gold. Make sure to do a brush of olive oil so nothing will stick. Then, layer the bottom with whatever veggie goodness you want: I went with spinach, some onions i quickly softened in a tiny bit of EVOO and some jimmy dean turkey sausage (the best vegetable of all). Scramble up some eggs and pour right on top. My muffin tins were about 1.25 eggs per tin but it’ll just depend on how much stuff you …