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Comforting Stew and Jillian Michaels

A rainy day 2 is a real bummer for trying to get motivated to do…anything. The only good thing rain is for is staying inside and making a warm tasty stew! So what was on the docket? Spanish lentil stew. I’ll admit, this isn’t a first “tri” for me. It is actually one of Steven’s go… Continue reading Comforting Stew and Jillian Michaels

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My mornings can be absolutely insane…I wake up…take a shower…. Ok let’s be serious, my mornings are not insane but I do like to sleep in as long as humanly possible. This makes getting a good breakfast in near to impossible (and I’m sure you people with real responsibilities…like puppies…or children can appreciate a time saving… Continue reading BREAKFAST for DAYS